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Monday, DECEMBER 20th, 2004

Contest #1 Here is part of a clip we hid on the DVD.
The first five emails telling us where it is hidden will get a free cheap merchandise t-shirt.

I know, I know, the version on the DVD is missing the great CSN&Y song. We didn't want to get sued by a bunch of aging hippies.

here they are in their hey day. Dude.


Friday DECEMBER 17th, 2004

Here is a picture from our last shoot of 2004, which was shot at the warehouse next door (where we hope to start having dance parties in January). 

It was also a sad day. we learned the captain has decided to move to Boca Raton Florida.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of me and the captain during one of the early shoots.
We wish you well captain. adios amigo.



FRIDAY NOVEMBER 26th, 2004 - What we're thankful for.

Well it was a great thanksgiving.
Here are a few things we at Pancake Mountain are thankful for:

Jonathan- ROCK and ROLL
Guillaume- Salted peanut butter filled pretzel
Caz Daddy- Chia Pet's
Amy- roller skates and proper protective gear
Rock Rogers- Donald Trump's hair
Joey- to be re-attached to the rest of his body
Kooky Kenny- Late night TV
Rock Rogers- the music of Leo Sayer
Bill Crandall- like-minded people
Rufus- not being a turkey
Mrs. Kooky - Having such a modest son.
Billy the Screaming Kid - AAAAAHH!!!!

And as Dietrish Bonhoeffer says, "Only he who gives thanks for the little things receives the big things". Well back to work.


Jonathan getting DVD's ready to send out.

Wednesday November 24, 2004 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the new issue of HARP magazine (on newsstands now), which features a good write up on the show. (click here to read the article)

The office is closed until Monday, so if you ordered the cheese-free JOEY picture on grill cheese sandwich, Michelle (aka Woo) won't be getting those off until Monday.

Here's wishing there be nary a lump in your potatoes and gravy,

Scott .

Thursday November 11, 2004 - NEW WEB LOOK!

Below you see the hardest working man at Pancake Mountain, Guillaume, picking his favorite picture of MS. KOOKY .   Also new, is this rambling blog which will hopefully give you (and us)   a little insight into what we're doing.

The video this week is 'Mouse House. Moose Hoose'. This was one of the best shoots we've had. The Fiery Furnaces had seen what Ian and Amy had done and decided to try their hand at writing a catchy kid song. Pretty amazing.

This weekend Jonah and I are planning the upcoming music for the show. Should be fun, email us with bands you'd like to see (as long as it's not The Wiggles).




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